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East Mitten Butte -Navajo National Park Tablescape
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TableScape manufactures model scenery for use with 25-30mm figures.  Some pieces, such as our range of modular hills, are suitable for use with other scales.

We try to cater for a wide variety of eras from the early modern, through the present, and into the future.  Some ranges are aimed at specific periods or geographical locations, but we have tried to design the models for potential wider use so our customers can get the most out of their purchases.

Except where indicated, each piece is supplied hand painted and ready for use.  The pictures in the catalogue pages are using models from stock and have not been specially painted or enhanced.

RPG team hiding in the rocks

Our product is made from a rigid foam, which is strong, light and resilient. It has two distinct advantages over the more common resin and polystyrene models.  It will not shatter if dropped and it is considerably lighter. This makes it longer lasting and easier to transport. 

We ensure our models are designed to accommodate the popular 25mm circular or square bases used by many of the major figure manufacturers and gamers.

See our Fortress range by clicking here

Shows for 2014

We will be attending a number of shows this year:

Postage Changes

Royal Mail has increased their postage charges and changed the way they deal with packages.  This would have caused a large increase in the cost of postage, so we have decided to move many of our UK deliveries to a courier service in order to keep the costs to a minimum.  We will continue to use Royal Mail for overseas deliveries.

While this means we will still have to make a small increase in the charges for low value orders, we will be able keep the postage for larger orders the same. These changes will come into effect from the start of April 2013 and are applied automatically through our online shopping system.

The new charges will be as follows:

Total Order Value
















Our last release

We have added a couple of items, one in the Dugouts Range and the other in the General Range.

The new pack in Dugouts are HESCO Bastions.  This pack contains 4 pieces.  There are 3 pieces approximately 130mm long, and 1 shorter piece approximately 90mm long. All are 28mm high and 22mm wide. They represent the Mil 1 design of HESCO unit that is 1.37m high and 1.06m wide and is in wide use with British forces in Afghanistan.

HESCO Bastion

The second park are a set of ploughed fields. This pack contains three ploughed fields. Each field is approximately 200mm square.

Ploughed Fields

For more information or answers to any questions please contact us.

Phone 020 8567 8306 (10:00 - 1600 Mon-Fri) or

Modelling Ideas

Have a look at our new Ideas page.

Make a desert Island

Adding extra strength to a dugout

Making barbed wire defences


See what's on the Work Bench

This shows work currently under development.

See an example of some of our Bespoke work also.

Check out our catalogue page for details of the entire range.

Orders can be placed either by email or phone. We will confirm the order value and on cheque clearance will despatch the goods.

US Customers!

Our full range can now be purchased from RattleHead Games based in North Carolina.

Check their website for details

We are now able to accept payments via PayPal. This includes most major credit cards when used in conjunction with PayPal. 

You don't need a PayPal account for this.

There will be no extra charge by us for using this service.

If you are unfamiliar with how this works, you can find details on their website at

TableScape recognises the trademarks and copyrights of the above companies and is not affiliated in anyway to them. They are used purely as a point of reference to indicate scale, "look" and suitability. 

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