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Our production process and hand painting techniques can produce minor variances in the size and colour of the pieces.

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Hill Range - A series of pieces to make a variety of different shapes. Available in two sizes and two colours, sand or green.

Hill range

Dugout Range - A set of sandbagged positions and trenches for fire teams, support weapons and HQ units.

Dugout Range

Fortress Range - Multiple pieces making up a concrete fortress with fire step.

This is now only available as a special order.

Fortress Range

Industrial Range - A dilapidated industrial complex with storage tanks, gantries and pipe work.

Industrial Range

General Range - Pieces suited to all periods.

General terrain Range

Urban Range - The beginnings of a war torn urban landscape

Urban Range

Mediterranean Range - Buildings in a Spanish/Mediterranean style of architecture

Mediterranean Range

Middle Eastern/North African Range - Flat roofed adobe brick buildings common in many part of North Africa, the Middle East and across to India

Middle Eastern/North African Range

City Walls Range - Stone built defensive fortification to protect a Middle Eastern, Central Asian or Indian city

City Walls Range

Show Specials - We have a number of items that we sell at shows that are not listed on this site. We make them prior to each event and don't generally carry stock. However, if you have seen them, and would like to mail order something, please email us for details. We may have stock left over, or we may be able to make some as a special order for you.

Show Specials

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