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Welcome to Minstrel Models. We aim to provide a variety of products for gamers and modellers. This website is just to get us started, and will be improved and updated as time permits.

At this time we are only offering one product range, the splendid "Star Fortress" from Combat Wombat Miniatures. This is available for sale from us to European destinations only. For other location please contact Combat Wombat Miniatures directly.

At this time you can order the following:

  • Basic 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m ) Surface Set - £95.00
    • 9 12" x 12" (0.3m x 0.3m) Tiles
    • 6 MKI Laser Turrets (6 turrets, 6 towers and 12 turned brass barrels)
  • Turret Set MKI - £9.75
    • 6 Laser Turrets (6 turrets, 6 towers and 12 turned brass barrels)
  • Turret Set MKI (No barrels) - £6.75
    • 6 Laser Turrets (6 turrets and 6 towers)
  • Turret Set MKII - £13.25
    • 6 MKII Laser Turrets (6 turrets, 6 towers, 6 bases and 12 turned brass barrels)
  • MKII Base Set - £7.00
    • 6 bases - this upgrades a  MKI laser turret to a MKII laser turret
  • Single Tile - £10.00
    • 1 12" x 12" (0.3m x 0.3m) Tile
9 Tile Set Single Tile

9 Tile Set 3' x 3' (90cm x 90cm)

Single Tile 1' x 1' (30cm x 30cm)

MKI Turret MKII Turret

MKI Turret with brass barrels

MKII Turret with brass barrels

The tiles and turrets are cast in polyurethane resin.  They are supplied coloured light grey and "as cast", so may require some cleaning up.  If they are to be painted all parts should be washed with detergent to remove any mould release residue.  It is best to prime them before painting with a solvent based primer.  They can then be finished with either waster based, or solvent based paints.

To order email sales@minstrelmodels.co.uk. Payment can be made via PayPal or, if you are in the UK, by direct bank transfer.

Postage is based on the weight and size of the packed order.  The minimum postage for UK destinations is £3.85, and this is enough for several sets of turrets, two single tiles or a combination of both.  The minimum postage for European destinations is £4.10.  This would be enough for a single set of turrets, but as the weight bands for European postage are narrower, the cost of larger orders rises more steeply.

Delivery, for the basic set of tiles and turrets, to UK destinations will be approximately £10.  For destinations that outside the UK the Royal Mail treats as "Europe", it will be approximately £28.  European orders will be sent airmail and, because of the weight, will be shipped as two separate packages.  Customers should note that these packages may not arrive in the same delivery.

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