Vanquish Wargames Show
As games are arranged the details will be listed on this page.

The Mountie Always Gets His Man
A 28mm prohibition pulp fiction demonstration game from Tring Wargames Club

The Lost Patrol
A 54mm WW2 participation game from Tring Wargames Club

Boudicca's Revenge
A 28mm Ancient British and Roman demonstration game using the Warlord rules, from Newbury & Reading Wargames Club

Hail Caesar
A 6mm game using the Hail Caesar rules, from Mad-Gamers

A Star Wars X-wing game, from Wycombe Warband

7TV2 Spi-Fi
Drax returns: James Bond confronts an old enemy in a made for TV follow up to 1979s Moonraker. As film director, can you determine the best outcome for the pivotal action scene? This will be a participation game using 7TV2 spi-fi rules, from Wycombe Warband

SAS Raid on Rommel
A WW2 participation game set in North Africa. Can 7 SAS jeeps wreak destruction against the defenders of a German airfield, from Maidenhead Reapers
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