Vanquish Wargames Show
As games are arranged the details will be listed on this page.
To the Strongest!
A 28mm ancients participation game from the South Oxfordshire Generals using the "To The Strongest" rules
Keep Low - Move Fast
Parkfield Miniatures 28mm Vietnam participation game using their own rules. Play the game, buy the figures and the rules from Parkfield.
Greek Odyssey
A 6mm Greek participation game from Winter Pig using their own rules. Sponsored by Rapier Miniatures.
Zenos Rampan - Madgamers
A 10mm quick fire sci-fi participation game in a time/space/galaxy far, far away...from Mad-Gamers

Battle of Oravais 1808
A 15mm participation game of the battle between Sweden and Russia using the "Esprit de Corps" rules. Newbury & Reading Wargames Club

Gladiators Ready!
A participation game of gladiatorial combat using the "Sons of Mars" rules. Previously run at Colours. Maidenhead Reapers

Discworld Witch Racing
A participation game of witch racing that won first prize at Salute 2017. Run by the Grantham Strategy  and Gaming Club
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